The High Cost of Government Education


Thought folks would be interested in this. It’s from Dan Mitchell at International Liberty: Restraining Government in America and around the World.

Dan Mitchell, of Cato Institute writes that, “No other nation in the world spends as much on education as the United States. According to our leftist friends, who prefer to measure inputs rather than outputs, this is a cause for celebration. I guess it shows we have the best intentions. Or maybe we love our kids the most. For those who prefer to focus on outputs, however, it’s very difficult to be happy about the results we’re getting compared to all the money that’s being spent. Heck, in some cases it’s almost as if we’re getting negative results when you compare inputs and outputs.”

Mr. Mitchell looks at things through an economist perspective, which makes for another pretty convincing outlook on the case for limited (or smaller) government. This particular topic (concerning how much money is spent on education), seems to be a hot button issue in just about every community. The schools always want more money – and if they don’t get it, they make it sound like either you don’t think kids deserve it, or you like being dumb. Perhaps it’s a good way to dialogue with your friends and neighbors, and encourage a different perspective on taxation and government charity.

Read more here: American’s Government School System: Never have so many paid so much to achieve so little

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