Nacho Business

nacho2We created this graphic in light of some folks getting a little foamy at the mouth over Indiana recently. (If you want to read some excellent Libertarian views regarding it, check out Libertarian Gaming’s An Explanation of Indiana’s Notorious “Religious Freedom Bill” or Tom Woods Podcast Episode 372 “Religious Freedom, Freedom of Association and that Indiana Law“).

The point of the illustration though, is that most things just aren’t our business. The reality is that most of us have almost more than we can handle in maintaining our individual health, our home, a job, a family, or fostering good relationships in our immediate community. What honestly makes us think we need to get involved in issues in another state or halfway around the world? Is our desire to intrude and force our views upon others really that strong? Take the Indiana issue as an example. While I’m curious about it, I don’t live in Indiana – so it’s not really my business. Sure, I can follow it and learn from it, just in case some needless legislation pops up in my own community that requires my action. But until that happens, people outside of Indiana should respect the people of this state to work through their own situations without the added complexities of outside interference. What do you think?

ThankyouAs always, if you have any thoughts on this particular subject, or ideas for future cartoons, infographics, or blog articles – please be sure to leave a comment! We’d really love to hear your thoughts! And don’t forget to share Libertopia with a friend, or help donate if you appreciate what we’re doing! Have a great day!

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