Choose Liberty! Meme Graphic

choiceThere seems to be a little confusion amongst some libertarians (and a lot of other folks) that the use of force is sometimes okay as long as it’s used to promote what is believed to be a greater good. However, the problem is that this is the same justification that tyrannical regimes use to accomplish what they also claim to be a greater good…all while threatening, imprisoning, and killing their way to a supposed “Utopia”. But in the end, it’s really pretty simple. As illustrated by this graphic, libertarians believe in non-aggression. Period.  If you believe the opposite, that using force or violence against someone in order to make them conform to your beliefs is okay, then you may want to rethink calling yourself a libertarian.

GreatDayAs always, if you have any thoughts on this particular subject, or ideas for future cartoons, infographics, or blog articles – please be sure to leave a comment! We’d really love to hear your thoughts! And don’t forget to share Libertopia with a friend, or help donate if you appreciate what we’re doing! Have a great day!

(Note: Graphic inspired by episode 372 of the Tom Woods Show.)

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