Libertopia Resource: Thomas Jefferson on Liberty

button“Not alone to the American people, but to all peoples, are Jefferson’s opinion on government of deep and abiding interest. Among the Statesmen of all time, he is the foremost Expounder of the Rights of Man, of the unalienable right of every human being to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” So wrote John P. Foley, editor of the Jefferson Cyclopedia in 1900.

At around 1000 pages, the Jefferson Cyclopedia of 1900 is filled with thousands of quotes taken from the numerous writings of Thomas Jefferson. And while we’d encourage our readers to take a look at this valuable book, we also recognize the value in having a nicely designed resource that has some of the views of this great thinker at easy access. As such, we’ve collected some of Mr. Jefferson’s quotes (with references) on such topics as: a wise and frugal government, centralization, the defense of liberty, nullification, secession, state sovereignty, taxation and more!

If you would like to read or download this PDF resource, please see our “Resources” Tab, click the graphic above, or click Thomas Jefferson: Wisdom for a Troubled People. We hope that our readers will not only find the exploration of this individual’s thoughts on these topics of great interest – but will be prompted to explore more about Jefferson in the future. (We’d also like to point out that Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday was April 13, 1743. That’s about 272 years ago from the time of this posting!) Enjoy!

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