Libertopia Single: American Politics 2016

2016Are we really expecting Democrats or Republicans to “save” us in 2016?  The above cartoon was created as an artistic response to the American election cycle. Every so often, establishment career politicians and media elites (Democrats and Republicans alike) ready an arsenal of propaganda in an attempt to gain the power to promote an agenda of more governmental growth and less individual liberty. Meanwhile, those americans who “lost” at the polls are told to shut up and go home to grind their teeth until next time. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s the average people who are losing this game, as the quest for partisan political power has encouraged an incredible amount of division in our communities – all while more and more freedoms disappear. Perhaps it’s time to think about ways to encourage friendship and liberty, instead of strife and force!

As always, if you have any thoughts on this particular cartoon, or ideas for future cartoons, infographics, or blog articles – please be sure to leave a comment! We’d really love to hear your thoughts! And don’t forget to share Libertopia with a friend, or help donate if you appreciate what we’re doing! Have a great day!

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