Libertopia Single: Nullification

nullificationGood news! In regards to the struggle for individual liberty in the face of such organizations like the National Security Administration (NSA), Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center wrote recently that, “the Tenth Amendment Center‘s project to shut down resources to NSA spying – like water and electricity – was given a full report in BBC News. While TAC is often quoted or cited in major media, this was no simple quote – it was a report fully-dedicated to covering resistance by the states – and it was far more truthful and favorable than one would expect.”

Interested in standing with the Tenth Amendment Center in support of Liberty? The TAC page notes that they “cannot succeed with out your help, and the funding to mount principled and effective campaigns against unconstitutional ‘laws,’ regulations and mandates. We do not (and will not) accept government grants or contracts, nor do we have an endowment or any corporate backing.” See more at Make a Donation.

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One Response to Libertopia Single: Nullification

  1. fank duck says:

    There is something very important to understand, that Libertarians and Objectivists usually do not. Libertarianism and Objectivism could not exist were it not for massive, government funded infrastructure. This includes the Internet, which was a government project, and HTML, developed at CERN, another government-funded institution. This government funded infrastructure has allowed the Libertarians and Objectivists to become educated. It has also allowed them access to the greater world, with all the information in it. It’s allowed them roads to travel, with a protective society that allows for new ideas to be grown and nurtured. Were it not for these, there would not be any libertarians. They’d be too busy slaving away in a factory for their feudal masters at slave wages like the rest of us to be thinking about how awesome they are, and how unfair it is that they have to pay taxes for using public things like roads, land, and the Internet that the rest of us adults pay for with minimal objections – because those things would not exist under Libertarian/Objectivist economic policies.


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