Libertopia Resource: The White Rose and Passive Resistance

WhiteRose2“…man should be free and independent, while fulfilling his natural duty of living and working together with his fellow citizens, and strive to achieve earthly happiness through self-reliance and self-motivation.” – Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell, The Third Leaflet 1942

With the rioting of unhappy individuals taking place recently in Baltimore and Ferguson, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at some individuals who made very effective use of nonviolent protest (or passive resistance) in order to help raise awareness of the significant issues of their day. The group was the White Rose, and the time was 1940s Germany. Understanding some of the horrific tragedies being committed by the Nationalist Socialist regime (or Nazi for short), these individuals realized that more hearts and minds would be convinced through nonviolent actions like leaflet distribution. To be sure, it wasn’t an easy road to take. But when Sophie Scholl was accused of false beliefs by an agent of the State, she replied with “I would do it all over again – because I’m not wrong. You have the wrong worldview.” She would later be executed, along with many of the members of this movement. However, their legacy continues to endure…

If you would like to read or download this PDF resource, please see our “Resources” Tab, click the graphic above, or click The White Rose: Passive Resistance. We hope that our readers will not only find the thoughts of this fascinating group of people of great interest – but will be prompted to explore more about The White Rose in the future. Note: While we understand that the White Rose movement may not have been “libertarian” per se, we believe that their actions and ideas are consistent with libertarianism. Please check out the resource, investigate on your own, and decide for yourself. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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