We are Growing! Thank YOU!

GreatDayWe are growing, and it’s all because of you. Yes, we’re still a small site. But for only being up and running for five months, we’re very pleased with the small way our cartoons, graphics and resources have been received. For example, did you know that we can be found on Google+ and Twitter? Look for the name “Lewis Liberman” (the porcupine guy featured in many of our cartoons). Our graphics have also appeared on facebook through various libertarian outlets and individuals who are helping us get the word out. A big “Thank You” goes out to these folks too!

We have also been recently featured in Newspapers! Our graphics were featured in 5/6/15 Infographics Netpaper (How to be a Statist Infographic) and 4/25/15 Freedom Before Anything Daily (Perspective in Rhetoric)!

Our Cartoons have been a hit with Libertarian Organizations! Our cartoons have been a hit with organizations like the Rutherford Institute (Police State?), Beyond Democracy (Libertopia Series 4) and more on twitter, google+ and facebook!

We are looking forward to the future for Libertopia Graphics, and hope you are too. Please be sure to “Subscribe” to our site so you can make sure you won’t miss out on any of our posts. And feel free to help by letting others know about what we do here by using our meme graphics and other resources wherever appropriate! Plus, if you really like what we’re doing, please feel free to donate, as we’d love to have a devoted domain for the site, as well as start adding Libertarian Products and more. And don’t forget: if you might need help with a graphic design / illustration project, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you! As always, have FUN!

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