Libertopia Series #5!

It’s Libertopia #5! In this cartoon, Julie and Lewis discuss the important issues surrounding equality, tolerance and diversity. (click on image below for a larger view)

libertarian, voluntaryist, cartoon, series, libertopia, illustration, tolerance, diversity, equality, government forceIf people are interested in learning more about what libertarians might believe on the subject of equality, opportunity and government, they might want to check out the Tom Woods Show Episode 385. Here, George Reisman (who received his Ph.D. under the direction of Ludwig von Mises, and is professor emeritus of economics at Pepperdine University) discusses equality of opportunity – a subject which certainly pertains to the diverse world we live in! Mr. Reisman’s thoughts can also be read at Mises Canada.

If you’d like to see the prior cartoons from our series, please click here. As always, if you have any thoughts on this particular subject, or ideas for future cartoons, infographics, or blog articles – please be sure to leave a comment! We’d really love to hear what you think! And don’t forget to share Libertopia with a friend, or help donate if you appreciate what we’re doing! Have a great day!

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