Is Libertarianism Growing?


Is libertarianism really growing? One in five Americans consider themselves libertarian, with younger adults being the most likely to adopt the label. Among adults aged 18 to 29, 32 percent consider themselves libertarian. Just 12 percent of Americans age 60 or older consider themselves libertarian.” – 19% of Americans Self-Identify as Libertarians, New Reuters Poll Finds (Matt Welch,, April 30, 2015)

Libertarian optimism and hope for the future: “libertarian ideas are gaining traction faster than those of any other ideology. Americans are questioning that which is presented by the media as a merely “two-sided” debate, having seen many of the same failures from consecutive presidents, one from each major political party.” – It’s Happening: Libertarianism Growing Rapidly (Josh Guckert, The Libertarian Republic, Feb 6, 2015) Also see the Tom Woods Show, Ep. 354: A case for libertarian optimism? (Tom Woods and Frank Karsten discuss libertarian optimism for the future).

Libertarianism growing throughout the world! In the ruins of Westminster party politics, between the crumbling pillars of broken promises and the shattered glass of optimism, you’ll find Britain’s young people building something new.” –Rise of the New Libertarians: Meet Britain’s Next Political Generation (Shane Croucher, International Business TimesOctober 10, 2014) Also see Teen libertarian is face of Brazil’s young free-market right and libertarian party of Canada! (Note: There’s many other examples of libertarianism growing throughout the world – but we’ll cover those in a later post!)

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