Audio Creatives: The Anarcho-Prenuer Podcast

APlivefreeI recently gave the Anarcho-Preneur Podcast with Nathan Fraser a listen. And yeah, from what I’ve heard so far – it’s good! Here’s an intelligent and creative guy who uses a lot of his experiences growing up in tough circumstances to discuss liberty issues from a unique, insightful and very helpful angle. The hour long podcasts (approximately) that I’ve listened to are well produced, with Fraser’s conversational tone making the show an easy listen. One particular episode I listened to was Ep.008, which gave some timely and helpful advice on how to spot scams and scam-artists. Nathan Fraser, show host noted in regards to the show that, “Fraud is probably the most common crime, and it’s only gaining in popularity. Even inside of the Liberty Movement, accusations arise of scams and scammers. In this episode, I break down some of the warning signs that can let you know that you might be dealing with a scammer. I also expose some of sociopathic personality traits that most con-artists have in common. Mixed in with all of that, we’ll also look at con men of the highest degree, government officials.”

Fraser also notes that, “After listening to this episode, it will be much harder for the wool to be pulled over your eyes. There are lots of people out there who want to profit at your expense. Whether they inhabit the public sector, operate in the black market, hit you up through an email, or use your love of the free market to lure you in, this episode will help you spot them before they can take you for a ride.”

To learn more, see the LiveFreeFM website (Note: I’m blogging about this, because I thought this episode was pretty interesting, and it’s great to see other liberty-minded people out there using their talents in a variety of ways. I’m also a new listener, and have only listened to a handful of episodes so far. Thoughts or comments? Let me know!)

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