Libertarian Cat vs. Bernie’s Cat!

Breaking News! Today a Bernie Sanders cat picture found itself onto the twitter feed of Lewis Liberman, which is often where our own Libertarian Cat (when he isn’t eating or sleeping) occasionally looks for a little attention. Libertarian Cat promptly had this to say about Bernie Cat…

libertarian, cat meme, statism, statist

Bernie Cat could only had this to say in response…

bernie sanders, cat, libertarian, election 2016Thoughts about animated cat memes, statism or election 2016? Leave a comment! Check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian cartoons and infographics! As always, we enjoy hearing from you! Also, please share Libertopia Graphics with a friend if you like what we’re doing! Until next time, have a great day!

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3 Responses to Libertarian Cat vs. Bernie’s Cat!

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  2. oosorio456 says:

    I really believe that a rand paul vs bernie sanders Match would be a great battle between two principles candidates


    • Dranimm says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment! Yes, it would definitely be interesting to see – although, I still think Ron Paul could continue to be really impressive in a debate well. But, he’s more into education now, and does a really great job at that too. I always imagine that there must be some interesting discussions between Ron Paul and son Rand.


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