Libertopia Series #7: Elections!

It’s time to party like it’s 1999 with Libertopia #7! In this cartoon, Abe and Lewis talk about the hysteria and media hype revolving around the upcoming Presidential Election. Check it out! (click on image below for a larger view)

libertopia, cartoon, election, President, media, partisan politics, republicans, libertarian, porcupine, illustration, voluntaryism, presidential election, political cartoon

If you’d like to see prior cartoons from our series, please click here. As always, if you have any thoughts on elections, partisan politics or ideas for future libertarian cartoons, infographics, or blog articles – please be sure to leave a comment! We’d really love to hear what you think! And if you’re having a tough time discussing libertarian / voluntaryism with your friends, why not share some of our awesome illustrations? They’re designed to catch the eye and encourage positive discussion! Also, be sure to check out my write-up on Why I am a Libertarian for additional information! Until next time, have fun!

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