Establishment Media Zombies?

Establishment, Media, Zombie, Hysteria, beating a drum, illustration, cartoon, libertarian

If you’re someone who has wondered why no-one has ever illustrated a cartoon of a zombie beating a drum, then I guess this cartoon is for you. For the rest of us though, hopefully you get what I’m trying to say here! And hey, if you really like zombies, don’t miss Libertopia #3!

Lewis, libertopia, cartoon, graphic, illustration, libertarianThoughts or suggestions? Want to talk more about the Establishment Media and the stirring up of controversy and division amongst people, partisan politics, the latest hysteria in the news, or statism in general? Leave a comment! Also, be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian cartoons and infographics, and our artist page for interviews with great libertarian artists involved in our community! As always, we enjoy hearing from you! And don’t forget to share Libertopia Graphics with a friend if you like what we’re doing, as we love creating art for liberty! Until next time, have a great day!

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