Ayn Rand Sci-Fi Epic in the Works

Ayn Rand, Movie, Science Fiction, April Fools, Movie PosterIn what could be one of the biggest blockbuster announcements to come out of Hollywood in the last 25 years, Libertopia Media Corp recently learned that a leading movie studio is now in the final stages of filming a sci-fi epic featuring a story surrounding the adventures of prominent author and philosopher, Ayn Rand. The science fiction script, which is rumored to have been a lost story written by Rand in the later years of her life, features her and a band of Objectivist heroes flying throughout the galaxy on a starship named Atlas Shrugged. The movie, which is said to be directed by a close friend of Steven Spielberg, will feature a computer generated representation of Ayn Rand, with many A-list actors and actresses in supporting roles.

“Make no mistake, the computer technology used to bring Ayn Rand to life is some of the most stunning we’ve seen,” said a lead animator working on the movie. “We have very meticulously studied photos and footage of Ayn Rand in order to create one of the most realistic cgi characters that the world has seen.”

One of the lead actors commented that, “this story is one that will resonate with our society today, especially with the current debates between Statism, Collectivism and individual rights. Audiences throughout the world will not only be thrilled to see Ayn Rand’s journey from Russia to space colonies and strange new worlds – but will also find a fascinating glimpse into the person behind The Fountainhead. We also think the story, which deals with the spread of Galactic Statism and the struggle for liberty, will be one that is easily just as thrilling as what can be found in Star Wars.”

Already, industry experts are predicting that the billion dollar April Fools space adventure will claim the number one movie of all time in the U.S. and Europe. The movie is planned for an April 1, 2017 release.

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