Lewis Shares Insight into the Island of Libertopia!

libertopia, libertarian, photo, artwork, illustrationHey all, it’s Lewis! Yeah, it’s been a while – but I’ve finally been able to break away from creating awesome artwork and helping fellow libertarians out with their amazing and exciting projects. Which is what I love doing! But seeing how the Libertopia Graphics blog has grown over the past year, I thought it might be fun to take a little time and talk more on our community here, and what we’re trying to achieve.

Anyway, so what is Libertopia? Well, for many of you, it’s probably the blog that you’re reading right now. Which that’s true. But it’s also a cartoon series that features myself, my friends Julie and Paul – and occasionally Nacho Business (a guy who really loves his privacy). We also have some characters running around named Zombie, Frank and Abe. Zombie is a reporter who visits our island on occasion in order to get a story for the big news agency he works for, but he has a bit of a hard time getting past his preconceived notions. The same is a little true with Frank and Abe, both Establishment Party personalities who are hoping to figure out how to use the Libertopia community to their advantage (see more of our cartoons here).

So about this island we live on, well – it’s a cool place. It’s not huge, but it has pretty much everything we need for our population. There’s a town here, along with a small airport and several boat docks. We also have some people who enjoy farming, as well as a number of individuals who support themselves through fishing. One thing that is really nice about our island is that we enjoy a libertarian community free from taxation or government forcing others to do what those in power want. We voluntarily help each other out as much as we can, but also understand that in a free market we’ll sometimes be paying others for those things which really matter to us. Some of the ways we conduct business is through libertopia, libertarian, photo, artwork, illustrationmoney or an exchange of goods and services. Does all this always work with absolute perfection? No, or course not. But we still aspire to that which is good and true about life, all while enjoying a greater amount of liberty than many others elsewhere in the world. Another thing to remember is that although the Island of Libertopia is the place where myself, Julie and Paul live – it’s ultimately an idea that can be a part of any community, anywhere in the world!

As for myself, I’m a freelance graphic artist who not only creates a lot of the cartoons you see on the blog – but I also help out with graphics and illustration, marketing, writing, social media and more. Julie owns her own book store, enjoys philosophy and science, has an interest in homeschooling, and does tutoring on the side. Paul helps maintain a lot of the technology here on Libertopia, including our solar farms and wind generators. So yeah, we’re all a little different. And sometimes we don’t always agree, or even believe the same way – but that’s what makes us all unique and special!

libertopia, libertarian, photo, artwork, illustrationWhich leads me to the Libertopia Graphics blog. We started this thing back in December of 2014 with a goal of inspiring, encouraging and educating through a variety unique (and creative) libertarian content that can’t be found anywhere else. And since then, we’ve seen steady growth and great participation with our cartoons, libertarian artist interviews, art contests and more. We’re definitely very optimistic about the future, and are excited to not only network and make new friends – but to lend a hand wherever we are able. So if you’re someone who is interested in what we’re doing here, let us know! Subscribe to the blog, send us a comment, or drop us an e-mail! Additionally, I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram as Lewis Liberman. Julie can also be found on Facebook with her own unique insight – look for her as Julie Wilder. Until next time, have a great day!

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