Libertopia Collection One!

libertarian, art, book, illustration, cartoons, libertopia

Are you a voluntaryist, libertarian or ancap who wishes there was a great libertarian graphic novel or art book out there that you could not only enjoy reading – but also be proud to recommend to others? If so, Libertopia Graphics is excited to announce the release of our very first downloadable ebook: Libertopia Collection One! With around 60 pages of content, it’s hoped that this will be a valuable resource  for you in helping convey libertarian ideas in a fun and thoughtful way with family and friends. Available as a PDF download with an interactive table of contents (in order to more easily navigate to your favorite sections), Libertopia Collection One is filled with eye-catching cartoons, artwork, memes and infographics, interviews with creative libertarians, some of our most popular libertarian articles, resources on various historical people who stood for liberty, coloring pages and more! In other words, there’s not only something for everyone – but there’s an awesome variety of content to keep you coming back for more!

“There’s no better time than right now to discuss libertarianism with others!” Lewis Liberman, graphic designer and lead artist at Libertopia Graphics recently stated. “As such, I tried to design this ebook to not only be easy to use, but also easy on the eyes. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything out there today that not only communicates libertarian ideas through a powerful visual medium, but does so in a very professional way. And best of all it’s a lot of fun!”

The ebook, which is appropriate for all ages, is currently available for download for $3.99, and can easily be placed on a variety of devices. (Note: We wanted to keep the cost extremely affordable, and around the cost of an app on the itunes or android store – but also wanted to try and make enough to help grow libertopia graphics into new and exciting areas for the future!) Download right here, or by clicking either the graphic above, or the banner below. Be sure to let me know if you have any thoughts about the book by leaving a comment, or by sending us (Lewis Liberman or Julie Wilder) a message on twitter, facebook, google+ or regular email. Have fun, and as always – have a great day!

libertarian, art, book, illustration, cartoons, libertopia

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