Christianarchy Podcaster discusses Voluntaryism, Statism and Living a Life Free from Aggression

Christianarchy podcastPart of the fun of being involved in the libertarian/voluntaryist community is the wide variety of talented people I’ve been able to meet since I started Libertopia back in December of 2014. Since then, it’s been amazing seeing how many creative people are out there utilizing their skills to engage with a variety of groups within our community! Each of these people may come from different backgrounds, different places in the world – or even have differing beliefs about a wide variety of subjects. In the following interview, Jeremiah Mitchell (JM) of the Christianarchy Podcast discusses his podcast and his perspective on Statism and living a full life free from aggression. Some may find this of particular interest, especially given the struggles various people groups appear to be having with politicians and political developments that seem less and less in line with their beliefs (such as this Washington Post article: Evangelicals feel abandoned by GOP). Enjoy! 

Hello Jeremiah! Thanks for chatting with us! Could you tell us a little bit about your involvement as a podcaster?

JM: Before I started podcasting I had a lot of ideas brewing about how some of the Christian Scriptures relate to anarchy. I anticipated I would express these ideas either through some sort of blogging platform or by writing a book. During this time of mulling over these thoughts, I sought out podcasts about the rejection of the state from a Christian perspective. I couldn’t find any.

I’ve never been much for monologuing and never thought I would make a very good podcaster, but because I could not find a podcast discussing voluntaryism from a Christian perspective, I started one. So, whether due to a lack of christian anarchist podcasts on the internet or due to my lack of ability to use search engines, the Christian Anarchy Podcast was born. I figured even if I was a really bad podcaster, it would probably be better than nothing. That’s really a standard I’ve carried through every episode. If you compare my podcast to nothing you will find it is a superior product.

I have enjoyed doing the podcast for the same reason I was motivated to do it. The State is an evil creature whose very existence depends upon aggression. The image it has created for itself reminds me of the squatty potty commercials. The facade is a glorious, humanitarian, rainbow sherbet pooping unicorn. In fact, the State is much more akin to a vicious dragon which feeds on the innocent to survive. Exposing the truth about the State is both motivating and enjoyable.

Have there ever been any particular writers, speakers, books, movies etc that helped raise awareness of libertarian issues in your life? Would you mind describing this process?

JM: My journey toward anarchy is almost a cliche in the libertarian/voluntaryist/anarchist community. I became slightly interested in politics after the housing crash in 2008. I learned a lot about Ron Paul in 2011 and was a fan of his through the 2012 elections. He exposed me to the Non-Aggression Principle. After this, it just took time. I tried to channel my inner child and imagine a world where a government existed that didn’t violate the NAP. I couldn’t. Every government I could think of required aggression.

For a few months I was in the “government is a necessary evil” camp. But one day in 2013 I was in a political conversation with a friend. The next day thinking back on the conversation I realized I argued for free market security, roads, and dispute resolution. I thought, “Well, guess I’m an anarchist now.”

ChristianarchyWhat might your goal be for the future working in this area?

We’ll see where life takes me. I would like to write a book or two. I’d like to find a place to write articles periodically which talk about freedom and the Scriptures. I would also enjoy doing a regular podcast with a regular co-host with whom I have good chemistry, although there are a lot of those types of podcasts out there right now, so I’d have to be confident there was something uniquely valuable about it.

Any recommendations on how liberty-minded people could get involved in their community as a positive influence?

JM: [tongue-in-cheek] I think the most effective way for liberty-minded people to bring the movement forward is to insist on telling everyone they know that if they don’t reject the state, then they’re going to burn forever and experience everlasting agony in hell. Look into agorism and decide what sort of counter-state economic activities you may be able to integrate into your life.

Other than that, live a good life. Be compassionate. Be kind. Have fun. Love well. Live with purpose. Enjoy your time. And along the way, have the courage and integrity to speak truth. Use the opportunities you are presented. If you want to start a podcast, news website, a blog, a video series, make a movie, write a song, write poetry, whatever, go for it. But you’re not obligated to devote large chunks of your life to spreading the message. You’re free. Live free. I think the largest portion of the spreading of the message of freedom will be done by everyday people in everyday conversations.

Where can readers find out more about what you do?

JM: If you want to have experiential knowledge of what I spend a lot of time doing, head on over to Netflix and browse through the sci-fi and horror genres. Otherwise, if you’d like to take a listen to my podcast, search for “Christian Anarchy” on iTunes (or whatever podcasting platform you use) or go to You can also follow me on twitter:

Also, don’t forget to take a look at our libertarian artists page for more great artist interviews and artwork from a variety of different artists in our community! You can also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, or download our 60 page art ebook at Libertopia: Collection One!

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