The Adventures of Tom Woods & Bob Murphy!

Tom Woods, Bob Murphy, Austrian Economics, Contra Krugman Podcast, illustration, artwork, libertarian

As Libertopia Cartoons is all about having fun and helping promote the ideals of liberty through attention getting cartoons and graphics, we thought one of the cool ways this could be accomplished is through a series of illustrations featuring libertarian leaders in our community! Created to be reminiscent of a comic book cover, this illustration features Bob Murphy and Tom Woods, the hosts of the popular Contra Krugman Podcast. Available on iTunes and Stitcher, Contra Krugman critiques the New York Times column of economist Paul Krugman. Murphy and Woods both belong to the Austrian School of economics, which includes such luminaries as Ludwig von Mises, Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek, and Murray N. Rothbard. (Learn more about the Austrian School at their special resource page.) Become more knowledgeable about economics in just 30 minutes a week by listening to Contra Krugman!

Also be sure to check out the Contra Krugman podcastBob Murphy’s blog, or visit the Tom Woods website (where he also has his own podcast show).

Curious to learn more? Want to get in on the fun? Let us know if you’re an artist or creative who would like to be featured in an interview, or have your artwork displayed on our site! Also, be sure to check out our libertarian artists page for our artist interviews and artwork from a variety of different artists in our community! You can also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, or download our 60 page art ebook at Libertopia: Collection One!

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