Color Sheets: Libertarian Word Search & The Monster!

It’s party time with yet another two awesome color sheets to set your creative juices on fire! The first is a fun little libertarian word search, which features some of the most used libertarian words (like voluntaryist, statist and free market) – along with some of the greats of libertarian thought (like Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Leonard Read and Lysander Spooner). The second features a line art illustration (for you to color) of a libertarian facing off against a two headed monster! Again, both of these are designed for you to have fun or share something cool with your kids, friends, neighbors or family members who may be wondering how to respond with the election front-and-center in their minds.

Simply save each color sheet to your desktop and print on your printer, or open in a new tab and print off. If you have any trouble, or would like to leave a comment in regards to libertarian crafts or kids coloring pages – let me know! Also, don’t forget to snap a picture of your masterpiece, and send it our way via facebook, instagram, twitter or google+ (Look for Lewis Liberman or Julie Wilder). And if you’d like more great libertarian color pages, check out all our designs right here (go to the bottom of the page and look for Libertopia Color Sheets). As always, have FUN here at one of the most awesome libertarian art sites in the WORLD! (Note: the Lewis, Paul and Julie color pages are also available in our 60+ page Libertarian Art book available HERE!)

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