The Intolerance and Hatred of the Left (and the Right)

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I guess it really shouldn’t be surprising that when it comes to the whole Left and Right debate here in the States (and maybe Europe too), it ultimately boils down to two differing views on how one interprets and interacts with the world around them. I mean, wow. Like that’s such a huge revelation. But when you think about how people in our supposedly enlightened time period snarl and foam at the mouth over each other, it’s almost like they’re genuinely shocked – and even offended – that someone could think differently than they do. Which is pretty funny, given the militant attitude people on the left claim to have about tolerance and appreciating diversity.

But yeah, I understand a little where these people are coming from. It’s been a while since I’ve been all caught up in those paper-thin Star Trek dreams of the moldy old Left or the Mighty Imperial State that the Righteous Right has tried to peddle for a while now. Because after a while, it’s just all smoke and mirrors and zero substance. It’s pretty pictures and self-righteous blatherings. It’s do as I say, but not as I do. And at it’s very worst, as history has shown time and time again, it’s some tyrannical group dumping a pile of bodies into a hole in order to build a “better” world.

Still, what I find particularly ironic is how both the Left and the Right, while having some serious differences, also share some pretty big similarities too. Particularly when it comes to holier-than-thou attitudes, intolerance and the eagerness to use force to further their agendas. Yeah, you heard me right. I’m saying the Left is just as intolerant as the Right they so lovingly claim to loathe. The evidence is pretty obvious at this point, what with the Leftists embedded in the arts, sciences, institutions of higher learning and Establishment Media Empires attempting to silence anyone they don’t agree with (through mockery, violence and legislation, to name a few).

But there is another way. As a libertarian who believes in peace (peacefully leaving others alone), I’m not saying if you have strong beliefs or serious convictions about something that you should NEVER talk about it in a public setting. But what I am saying is that it’s pretty ridiculous that people can’t do it without feeling like they’ve gotta smash something up. Does being a Progressive on the Left mean going back to the same old ways of using mob rule to force others to agree with what you believe? Does being a Conservative on the Right mean that you’re really not taking that Golden Rule of doing unto others to heart?

As the music group War put it so eloquently, why can’t we be friends?

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