Breaking News! Fake News Watchdog Attempts to Censor Libertopia Cartoons!

fake news, logo, leftism, left, censorship, censored, protectionFake News Headquarters: Galactic Imperium News recently reported that libertopia Cartoons, a little known niche corner of the webiverse, was added with great fanfare to the much vaunted Fake News Watchdog List. “This is a great day for Leftists, Progressives and all kinds of other people who just like something to gripe about,” said the Fake News Watchdog Creator, Boogroo McGrabmasters.

Libertopia cartoons, a libertarian site that claims to be a labor of love by a rather obscure artist known as Lewis Liberman, came across the radar of the Fake News Headquarters when libertopia’s cartoons, memes and artist interviews was discovered by an angry Leftist. Enraged not only by the recent election – but also by numerous blatantly disagreeable attempts to have fun, the vigilant social justice warrior brought the offensive content and web address of libertopia cartoons to the attention of McGrabmasters. After a quick review of the material, Boogroo’s highly trained team of Fake News Sniffers added the site to their long list of what they’ve come to see as thought crime perpetrators. “This is exactly the reason we created this list,” Boogroo proudly notes. “And look, attempting to limit or block the reach of certain content isn’t really about censorship or the first amendment. We’re simply trying to protect innocent people from being triggered by content that they might not agree with, and may in fact cause serious emotional and psychological distress.”

fake news, cartoon, illustration, leftism, progressiveMcGrabmasters then pointed out that the Fake News Watchdog HQ employs a long set of important – but confidential – criteria in order to build their Fake News List. However, he did point out that, “We think that the most reputable news sources are those that are backed by huge, highly centralized media empires who have absolutely zero interest in conveying bias, state interference or any other kind of political or social propaganda. These are news sources we can trust with absolute confidence. The smaller and more independent the ‘news’ site, the less trustworthy it is in our eyes. We also believe that any ‘news’ that is something we politically disagree with is also suspect of not being true.”

When asked about how interested individuals could make use of the Fake News List, McGrambasters indicated that it was available for free download via their website. “The nice thing about activating our Fake News List application on your device is that you’ll no longer have to be discerning or thoughtful about the kind of content you want in your life! You can trust us, and trust the safe space we’re building around you. And to us here at Fake News HQ, that’s a beautiful thing!”

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Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! And if you’re the type that might enjoy a little humor over all the lunacy out there, then you’ll definitely want to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian cartoons and infographics! Because let’s face it…sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh!

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