How to Create Division & Politicize EVERYTHING!!!

Are you a budding politician, wealthy celebrity, statist conservative or leftist hipster looking for a few tips on how YOU can create division and foment hatred in our society today? If so, then we have found the absolute perfect new book for YOU!  It’s How to Politicize Everything for Dummies! As the cover notes, “Get government involved in ANY of these areas, and you’ll have people at each other’s throats in no time!” Wow, who knew that such fun could be had?!

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In this book, you’ll embark on a fascinating journey that covers everything from the history and growth of BIG government in the world, to the amazing story of how the rise of the radical left and right has caused so much pain in more recent times for the average American citizen. Plus, you’ll see just how easy it can be to push your views on others through the State on such topics as race, gender, money, marriage, family, religion, medicine, science, education and even art! Get your copy today!

Note: This is unfortunately not an actual product, and is meant for entertainment purposes only. But still, if it gave you a good laugh – why not check out some of our other cartoons, graphics and artist interviews? These are all available for FREE for you to use in helping share a great message through thought-provoking visuals and other awesome art (which is really important in the internet age, when attention spans online are about 2 seconds). And please, by all means leave a comment and let us know how you’re enjoying libertopia graphics. This is a labor of love done in our spare time (which sometimes isn’t much), so all that great feedback means a lot!

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