Hey Patreon, Not Every Artist Supports Theft!

taxation, taxation is theft, cartoon, illustration, libertarian, libertarianism, socialism, theft, force, coercion, bully“Will you stand up for art?” So said the subject line of the recent email I received from Patreon recently. “Yeah, sounds good,” I thought. “Why wouldn’t I want to embark on some grandiose social crusade to stand up for fellow creatives here in America and around the world?” Well, turns out it wasn’t quite that simple.

Upon cracking Patreon’s email open, I was instantly greeted with #FORTHEARTS, and the following text: “We need your voice to help make a difference. A recent decision by the US government could cut funding towards supporting the arts in America…” Oh boy. Here we go with this again. Of course my libertarian / voluntaryist readers will automatically see the lunacy of using State to fund art (as evidenced by the popularity of the whole “taxation is theft meme”). But for those on the left or the right who is in love with a holy empire that uses force and coercion to legislate their beliefs and fund special interest projects like dung covered Mona Lisas…well, you can smell what I’m stepping in here.

Anyway, Patreon went on in their email to rally the troops to utilize #FORTHEARTS to share via social media just how important art is to the world, and thus speak a message to the US Government about just how dastardly and despicable it is that they’re not funding art. Like, you know, art can’t EVER be created unless it’s through some government handout. A government handout which isn’t provided voluntarily, mind you. And furthermore, a government handout which is taken through force from fellow creatives and people in your community who are also scraping by in life.

Sure Patreon. Go ahead, you’re a privately owned business (as far as I know). Maybe you’re just another one of those leftist internet businesses where you can’t take four steps without finding someone getting their knickers in a twist over their “god” State doing something wrong, but a business none-the-less. So Patreon is obviously free to take whatever stand they want – even if that stand is throwing a tantrum over the oh-so-nasty stance of someone they don’t agree with. But come on, if you want to support the arts, fine. That’s cool. I can get behind it. But by trying to get artists, who used to be anti-authoritarian and anti-establishment, to support what is essentially art sanctioned by the State (propaganda?)…well, you can count me out.

In the meantime, I figured I’d have a little fun and create my own art to share a message. All without the use of tax dollars. Hope you enjoy it! Until next time, peace.

Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! And if you’re the type that might enjoy a little humor over all the lunacy out there, then you’ll definitely want to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian art and infographics! Because let’s face it…sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh!

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