Without Government Who Would Pay for My Stuff?

infographic, libertarian, voluntaryist, voluntaryism, Statism, Taxation is theft, government spending

Yeah, yeah. Taxation is theft and all that – and you’ve doubtless heard the canned response of “But without taxes and government spending, what would we do about ________ ?” Well, we saw a pretty great little chart floating around on the internet recently that does a nice job of answering this question in a simple and effective way. So we cleaned it up and gave it a little more design (as presentation is everything), and have added it to our library of resources and infographics for you to use in impressing your Statist friends (ha ha)! Meanwhile, if you’re interested in checking out more of our graphics or libertarian cartoons and artist interviews, check out some of our tabs up at the top of the page (or click the prior links). And if you have any thoughts about voluntaryism, libertarianism, muh roads, Frederic Bastiat (who talked a lot about taxation being a form of plunder) or anything else that’s on your mind – just let us know in the comments! Until next time!

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