Libertopia talks Ghostbusters on Actual Anarchy Podcast!

Ghostbusters, libertarian, ancap, voluntaryist, cartoon, who ya gonna call, free market, Statist, Statism, Actual AnarchyThe team at Libertopia (which consists of myself Lewis Liberman, and Julie Wilder), recently had the honor of appearing on Actual Anarchy to talk about the many themes in the Ghostbusters 1984 movie, as well as the more recent 2016 reboot. In this awesome hour long discussion with the hosts of Actual Anarchy, we covered many topics such as taxation, the free market, whether those power packs the Ghostbusters carry around would be a liability in an anarcho-capitalist society, AND if the new 2016 Ghostbusters is really a feminist/progressive/leftist/social justice warrior dream come true. This is a particularly insightful discussion, as we have the perspective of what a libertarian lady thinks about it all.

Plus, we talk a little bit about our own journey as libertarians, as well as thoughts and perceptions on Statism in general. So if you’re curious to know more about who we are, check out the podcast at the following link. Episode 17 – Ghostbusters (you can also find it on itunes and a bunch of other places too).

Also, be sure to check out the Actual Anarchy page and podcast. There’s a TON of great content on their site, which looks at movies and society in general from a Rothbardian / Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. Don’t miss it!

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