Uber, the Free Market and Muh Roads…

Cartoon, libertarian, political cartoon, Uber, Lyft, free market, politicians, statism, politics, crony capitalism

Are there any Uber or Lyft drivers out there? With more and more local governments implementing burdensome regulations, it seems like the temporary free market revolution in individuals using their cars to earn a living may be at an end. Yeah, these politicians always like to blab about safety and the common good, but it seems like the reality of it is that they just want to secure a little influence from political lobbyist organizations and campaign funds from powerful companies (also known as cronyism). And then pat themselves on the back for a job well done. But then again, when you’re dealing with State owned roads, I guess they can ultimately regulate them however they see fit. Muh roads…

Have any thoughts regarding socialism, statism, crony capitalism, uber regulations, government money making schemes or the free market? Leave a comment! Be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap political cartoons, art and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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