Public Stool

public school, statism, cartoon, political cartoon, authoritarianismIf the general outcry and hysteria on social media was any indication of modern attitudes towards public school, you’d think that many people would rather cover themselves in rotten meat and jump into a cage of mangy dogs over seeing their precious government institution threatened in any way. Such was the case recently with all the mouth foaming and gnashing of teeth over Betsy DeVos. Here at libertopia, we of course don’t really give a tinker’s darn about all the theatrics surrounding the media and whatever heinous thing Trump is going to do next. But it’s still pretty funny when people get all triggered over their supposedly “free” baby-sitting. From costly school bus programs to school breakfast and lunch subsidies, after school clubs, glorious technology programs, fantastic architectural structures, carefully designed curriculum, social programming and more – it’s easy to see why education is one of the biggest governmental undertakings in the realm. And in the end, it really seems more about creating good worker bees than raising up anyone who is capable of individualistic thought or an entrepreneurial spirit. But if you’re someone who is thinking maybe it’s time to try something different – why not take a look at Ron Paul’s home school curriculum? It’s easier than you think!

Have any thoughts regarding public school, statism, government education, school boards, the Department of Education, the national educators association (NEA), private schooling, home schooling, or free market solutions to education? Leave a comment! Be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap political cartoons, art and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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