Libertarian Gaming: Farcry 5 Reaches Compromise with 5.2

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Breaking News! As reported by Galactic Imperium News Service (GINS), the makers of the popular Farcry series recently revealed new concept art (as seen above) for the latest entry into the Farcry universe. Known as Farcry 5.2: Berkeley Under Siege, this latest unveiling is said to be the studios attempt to address many concerns regarding the controversy surrounding Farcry 5.

Kelvin McGrabmasters, project lead for Farcry 5.2 promises an exciting adventure set in the open-world environment of Berkeley, California. While many of the finer points of the story are still under wraps, Kelvin notes in the GINS interview that “players will find themselves playing a diverse libertarian team seeking to bring copies of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises to help free the minds of brainwashed leftists and MAGA supporters. During the course of the game, players will help liberate Berkeley from the grip of tyrants and socialist college professors, and eventually find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that may reach even to the very halls of government!”

When asked about the gameplay of Farcry 5.2, McGrabmasters was quick to point out that while prior Farcry games have been heavy on violence and gunplay, the team decided to go a new route and have the libertarian heroes simply use books, social media and other peaceful methods to help change minds. He also noted that there may be special power-ups that allow players to utilize bonus team members like Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

“We really felt like Farcry 5 was just going in the wrong direction,” Kelvin explained when asked about why the need for Farcry 5.2. “It started to feel a little like Bioshock Infinite with it’s overt use of partisan story elements, sectarian and religious imagery and tired gaming devices. Plus, we thought this could be an opportunity to have a realistic story that people could really identify with. Additionally, we thought that maybe we could speak a message about some of those antifa -like people out there who preach tolerance, but instead use it as a method to be violently intolerant and seek to limit free speech. Plus, let’s face it. The Left and the Right both can be pretty silly these days, which is why we thought we’d have libertarians, voluntaryists and ancaps featured positively in a game for once.”

However, GINS has learned that not all people are happy about this latest developments. Many of the Establishment’s top white male gaming journalists who praised Farcry 5 immediately took to their blogs to rant about how Farcry 5.2 is once again clearly part of a racist, sexist plot to perpetuate a gaming dark age. Fred Jellymins, editor at GameYippeeZone ranted that no serious gamer would look twice at a libertarian game with Anti-Statist themes that made the Establishment Left look ridiculous. “I don’t care about the Right,” Jellymins said. “But the Left should always be shown in a positive light in games if we want this art form to be taken seriously.”

Note: This post is intended as a work of humorous fiction. Any relation to actual people or game sites is an unusual coincidence indeed! And while doubtless millions of readers were perhaps hoping that Farcry 5.2 actually existed, no such game featuring libertarians or anti-statist themes in a positive light actually exists. 

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