Leftism: The Taliban of the West?

Southern Monuments, Confederate Monuments, Leftism, Statism, Statist, Progressive, Progressivism, Lyda Krewson, Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memory HoleAfter listening to the Tom Woods Show, Episode 915: Southern Monuments Removed and Others Under Attack, I thought it appropriate to create an illustration which visually discusses the subject in a humorous way. The summary for the episode is as follows: “The perpetually aggrieved have recently settled upon various Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans, as the next thing to be destroyed. Given the level of American discourse (a word I use laughingly in this context), anyone saying a word against this is of course condemned with all the usual low-IQ language of the left. Rev. Larry Beane, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana, and historian Brion McClanahan, join me for the discussion.” Give this excellent podcast a listen at Episode 915, and get a view of this debate that you simply won’t find through Establishment media outlets. Particularly eye-opening is Rev. Beane’s perspective on how the removal of the monuments has created a lot of tension, strife and intolerance in the city, and how even African Americans in support of the monuments have been attacked for their beliefs.

Having an interest in history and the story of people overcoming adversity, our position here at libertopia is that these historical monuments seek to serve as somber reminders of the destruction of total war and great civilian loss of life at the hands of the State. The removal of these reminders by such politicians as Mitch Landrieu (Mayor of New Orleans) and Lyda Krewson (mayor of St. Louis) indicates that government once again is being used to pit people against each other for the sole purpose of monetary gain and partisan power.

Do you have thoughts on the removal of historical monuments, statism, progressivism, leftism, western civilization or a related topic of concern? Leave us a comment below!

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