New Sci-Fi Series Promises to Surpass Star Trek: Discovery!

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Galactic Imperium News Service Exclusive: Star Haul: The Leftist Crusade is an upcoming American television show created by Cryan Duller and Dalex Hurtzman for the BSN All Axis Network (no relation to Bryan Fuller or Alex Kurtzman, creators of Star Trek: Discovery). Along with the controversial and highly anticipated “Evil South”, another show developed by BSN Network, Star Haul is planned for a Fall release. The first Star Haul series since Star Haul: Deep Space Six concluded in 1997, The Leftist Crusade is set roughly 5 days before the events of Deep Space Six and will be set in the alternate X-2 universe where a super secret race of purple Kling’ums is terrorizing the galaxy.

Show creator Cryan Duller notes that Star Haul: The Leftist Crusade will be a great way to promote social justice and tolerance, as well as discuss the evils of Free Market Capitalism, Conservatism and of course Hollywood’s favorite bad-guy: Christianity. “I think long time fans of Star Haul will find a lot to like in The Leftist Crusade, but the show is really created to suck the dollars out of today’s young people.” Duller noted in a recent GINS interview. “We have a young, beautiful and extremely diverse crew that pilots the USS-Rainbow-A in their 5 year mission to battle racist aliens, sexist robots and the intolerant empire of Mega-Trump.”

Dalex Hurtzman, co-creator also explained how Star Haul would push the envelope in regards to making a blatant social commentary on current events. “It’s very important to us to use this powerful form of propaganda to address what everyone on the Star Haul team wants our viewers to also believe. If you don’t, you’re obviously a racist bigot who isn’t really a true fan.”

Duller followed up with, “Yeah, Star Haul has always had a diverse cast and made subtle social commentary, but for today’s less sophisticated and easily offended audience, we’re going to make it as incredibly diverse as possible, and make sure that the point we’re making practically smacks you upside the head. For example, we not only plan to have a representative of every human race on the USS Rainbow, but nearly all of them will be one of the 72 genders that are currently out there. Many episodes will revolve around the crew exploring their sexuality or their feelings, which will lead to some tense situations of safe space violations requiring the new-age infused crystal powered weaponry of the USS Rainbow.”

Meanwhile, George Tookay (no relation to George Takei), former actor for Star Haul who has more recently become a prominent spokesperson for the Society of the Golden Pacifier, summed up his excitement for the series with an exuberant “Oh my!”

Note, this post is intended as a parody or satire in regards to Statism and leftism in popular media. Thoughts on parody graphics, Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, JJ Trek, or Babylon 5 (gasp)! Leave us a comment! We love chatting science fiction! Enjoy cool graphic design or awesome artwork? Check out the rest of our site for libertarian artist interviews and more!

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