Trump Saving Transgender Lives?

Max Klinger, leftism, political cartoon, illustration, transgender, LGBT, military, MASHGalactic Imperium News Service: The activist group known as the Transgendered Lives Matter Coalition (TLMC) recently issued a statement regarding President Donald Trump ‘s July 2017 announcement on potentially reinstating a ban on transgender individuals from working in the United States Armed Forces. Sally McSweetums, director of the TLMC and noted ball-room gown designer, said that, “We all share in everyone’s relief that FINALLY the beloved cross dressing character of Max Klinger on MASH can escape potentially being blown to bits by a jungle booby-trap. We’re also pleased that the President has recognized that human life is precious, and thus has given transgendered individuals an opportunity to get out of being drafted or sent to die in some senseless war overseas. While many progressive Statists might look at Trump ‘s actions as intolerant or mean-spirited, we here at the TLMC are grateful that we can spend our energies in more productive avenues than fighting and killing on behalf of establishment elites on both the Left and the Right.”

Note, this post is intended as a parody or satire on current events and the absurdities of society today. Enjoy cool graphic design, political cartoons or other awesome artwork? Check out the rest of our site for libertarian artist interviews and more!

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