Orwellian Government in Missouri BANS Monument to Women

kansas city, women, women's rights, feminism, censorship, orwellian, confederate, confederate monument, government, ward parkway, leftism, progressivism,What? Banning a monument to women in this day and age? Surely you jest? No, not at all. For according to sources from Kansas City, Missouri – a monument to women has been identified by the thought police as dangerous to society, and will soon be removed. Not only has this piece of public sculpture been targeted for a trip down the memory hole (that’s a reference to 1984 for all of you who received a substandard public school education), but the expensive cost of it’s removal will doubtless all be done on taxpayer dime.

Sexism? A woman from the area who contacted us recently about this (and who wishes to not be identified for obvious reasons of retribution from the Leftist Secret Police), noted that, “I think it’s pretty ironic that there has been such a push in society lately to recognize women and their contributions to our communities – only to have a case like this where the Left is now seeking removal of a monument to women who sacrificed so much for their community during a time of war.” Nuff’ said. Now the only question is, which feminist group or American veterans organization will take a stand for these ladies? Or is it just not a very profitable cause from a fund-raising standpoint?

Artistic Censorship? The monument, which was created sometime in the 1930’s, is done in an art deco style and features words commemorating the sacrifice of women during America’s unCivil War. However, as it commemorates women who are now perceived to have “the wrong kind of beliefs”, it naturally must be eradicated before some special snowflake is triggered beyond repair. Missouri was one of the most brutal states during this horrible conflict, in which countless women were targeted by an oppressive government. Martial Law was declared here, and homes were burned, women and children were exposed to the elements, husbands, brothers and sons were killed (sometimes through hanging or being shot on the spot), and freedoms were denied. It’s a historical fact that many of these people did not own any slaves, and simply fought to receive justice. But, as we all know, when the Left censors our art – it’s different. Right?

leftism, pacifier, leftist, progressivism, intolerance, snowflake, SJW, social justice warrior, meme, graphic, cartoonRacism? Of course we can now add sexism and censorship of art in this latest fun crusade to destroy history and culture. But what about racism? Well, there’s plenty of documented cases of African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics who served their communities on the side of the South. To remove these monuments, which certainly commemorate their sacrifice as well, is an inadvertent form of racism against these people of the past. Again, ironic. But who says the Left has to make sense?

Thanks government! The monument at Ward Parkway is reportedly currently covered with wood so as not to burn out the eye-sockets of any dainty flowers who might happen to gaze in that direction. It’s said that soon, the local government plans to move it away from public view. See more from the local leftist press – the Kansas City Star – right here (if you want to vomit in your mouth).

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2 Responses to Orwellian Government in Missouri BANS Monument to Women

  1. Alan Light says:

    My father was from Missouri, from a town that was occupied by the Federals throughout the war. When he was a child he knew people who remembered the occupation. One of the last comments he made in the days before he passed away was about how much the people who had lived through that occupation hated the Federals.


    • Dranimm says:

      Thanks Alan for sharing that. I just finished a book called “Quantrill of Missouri” by Paul Petersen that was pretty fascinating and sad. It talks a lot about how much these people in Missouri suffered under the authorities. Their story is our story today!


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