Libertopia talks Equilibrium at Actual Anarchy Podcast!

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The team at Libertopia (which consists of myself Lewis Liberman, and Julie Wilder), once again had the honor of appearing on Actual Anarchy to talk with the show-hosts about the AWESOME 2002 sci-fi movie Equilibrium! We had a ton of fun chatting about this movie, which is perhaps even more relevant NOW than it was when it came out 15 years ago… especially with all that censorship of art and free speech that seems to be happening everywhere these days. And of course, since art is kind of our thing here at Libertopia, I created the above piece of Equilibrium fan art incorporating some themes from the movie.

So what is Equilibrium? Just in case you’ve never seen it, here’s a brief summary: In a fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system. Emotion is outlawed and human behavior is controlled by a drug, Prozium, that hinders emotion. A government official is in charge of going around and eliminating potential threats to the regime. When the official forgets to take his dose of Prozium, a whole new world is opened up to him and he takes on the establishment that he’s supposed to be working for. Sounds pretty cool, right?

This was a really fun episode, and we had a great time talking about it. If you’ve ever missed just sitting around and talking with your friends about movies or other stuff in our world today, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing podcast at Episode 40 – Equilibrium (you can also find it on itunes and a bunch of other places too).

Also, be sure to check out the Actual Anarchy page and podcast. There’s a TON of great content on their site, which looks at movies and society in general from a Rothbardian / Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. Don’t miss it! And if you’re a fan of cool graphic design or libertarian / voluntaryist artwork, be sure to check out the rest of what we’ve got right here in Libertopia! There’s a great illustrated book for 99 cents, an awesome store full of unique shirts and other cool stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else, and great libertarian artist interviews, cartoons and so much more! Check them out before they branded as EC-10 (for emotional content) and forbidden by the State! (that’s an Equilibrium joke)

Also, don’t miss our prior appearance on Actual Anarchy, where we compare and contrast the differences between the 2016 and 1984 Ghostbusters! See it HERE.

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