2017 Art Contest Winner – Youth Category!

The team here at libertopia (which consists of Lewis and Julie) are proud to announce the Youth Category winner of our 2017 libertarian Art Contest (the Adult Winner will be announced soon)! Find the details of the 2017 Art Contest right here.

star wars, fan art, libertarian, ancap, voluntaryist, artwork, youth, art contest

J117 says about his art, “I made it to symbolize how the Empire from Star Wars has Stormtroopers, which are kind of like a police force that claims to keep order in that galaxy. Except they are murdering and killing people they don’t like. And then the police (in real life) are also saying they’re about keeping order, but are sometimes murdering and killing people who haven’t done anything wrong too. Plus they are like a military, wearing masks and having powerful weapons against normal people.”

J117 wins a congratulatory certificate featuring his art (which we will mail to him), an icon to use on his portfolio site, and a $5 gift certificate!

If you missed out this year, don’t worry – we’re planning on hosting another libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap art contest next year! Also, a big “THANK YOU” goes out to those individuals who contributed their unique libertarian art and writing for this contest!

Curious to learn more? Want to get in on the fun? Let us know if you’re an artist or creative who would like to be featured in an interview, or have your artwork displayed on our site! Also, be sure to check out our libertarian artists page for our artist interviews and artwork from a variety of different artists in our community! You can also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, download our 60 page art ebook at Libertopia: Collection One (which is on sale for 99 cents) or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the libertopia store!

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