Gorge Lukas BOMBSHELL! New Sci-fi trilogy in the WORKS!

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Galactic Imperium Breaking News: At a Marin County New Year’s Eve Gala event this past Sunday evening, world renowned filmmaker Gorge Lukas made known his latest project: A new sci-fi trilogy with the potential to shape global culture and the dreams of young people for years to come.

“My love of science fiction as a story-telling device, combined with my desire to innovate is the reason I’ve decided to pursue the creation of a new saga,” noted Lukas at the event. “Plus, I’ve been a little disappointed, as have many of my fans, with the bumbling and incoherent story that my prior property has taken under the Empire of the Mouse. As such, this new trilogy will tell the story that I want to tell – but in a new universe with new characters. I might even throw in a few libertarian / anarcho-capitalist themes too, just to keep things fresh and interesting.”

Lukas then proceeded to note that he has already assembled a team of artists to help visualize this new universe, along with actors already selected for the key roles. “The story will revolve primarily around Duke StarStrider, a young lumberjack on a forest moon who soon discovers his magical connection to a secret power only known as the Spirit Wind. Space trucker Hanz Olo and his sidekick Munchakka the Lizard Man soon join forces with Duke in order to help rescue Princess Leeta from the nefarious Dark Crater and the Red Empire.”

Planned for a 2020 release, the trilogy will kick off with Star Battles: Red Reaping (working title). An extensive toy line is also planned, along with “Star Battles” branded food wrappers, socks, toilet paper, plumbing supplies, power tools and assorted lawn fertilizers.

Note, this post is intended as a parody or satire. Thoughts on Star Wars, Star Wars The Last Jedi or great parodies like Hardware Wars or Star Wars Bad Lip Reading? Leave us a comment! We love chatting science fiction – and libertarianism too of course (which also has a great tradition in sci-fi)! Enjoy cool graphic design or awesome artwork? Check out the rest of our site for libertarian artist interviews and more!

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