Gun Rights vs. Abortion

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We here at Libertopia are certainly very sad for the victims of violence in Florida (and elsewhere throughout the world). But we believe that the current hysteria from the left in favor of restricting our natural rights as advertised in the 2nd Amendment, under the guise of “saving the children”, seems hypocritical when considering their support for the millions of unborn children slaughtered through abortion. Just something to think about!

Thoughts on gun rights or pro-abortion/pro-life perspectives? Let us know! Also, don’t forget to check us out at our Libertopia Patreon page and throw a buck or two our way! We’ve got some great gifts and other cool stuff for our donors! Check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here, download our 60 page art e-book at Libertopia: Collection One for only 99 cents, or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the Libertopia store
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