78 year old Ray McGovern Beat Up by Capitol Police

Ray Mcgovern, whistleblower, cartoon, current events, police state, police brutality, Gina Haspel

statism, democrats, republicans, big government, meme graphic, awesome graphic design, word art, big governmentIn yet more ominous behavior exhibited by the State, 78 year old Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA analyst for U.S. Presidents, was hauled from the U.S. Senate Chambers yesterday (May 9, 2018) by Capitol Police. While McGovern was being dragged from the Chambers for asking questions and protesting Gina Haspel (who is said to have been involved in the torture of people), the officers repeatedly yelled at their victim to “Stop resisting”, although no resistance could be seen and was likely a tactic to cover their butts if they happened to inflict any injury. Which they did by re-injuring McGovern’s dislocated shoulder. McGovern has also appeared on the Tom Woods Show – most recently here on Episode 1150 – Is There Anything to Russiagate? Thoughts on statism, the police state or police brutality? Let us know in the comments! Also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here (with tons of great libertarian memes, infographics and awesome cartoons) or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the Libertopia store!

  • Read more at Consortium News
  • Also check out The White Rose: Passive Resistance (6 pages) Learn more about the White Rose movement, a passive resistance group of whistleblowers who sought to help educate and raise awareness of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazi government.

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