Silent Sam Artwork Censored by the Left at UNC

Silent Sam, Antifa, Leftist, Censorship, Art, UNC, University of Northern Carolina, Cartoon

Wait, what?! How in the world is the attempted destruction and censorship of the “Silent Sam” artwork (in the form of a monument located on the UNC campus) be a libertarian issue? And isn’t that statue dedicated to a bunch of racists who fought an illegal and immoral war against Washington D.C.?

Yeah, you get where I’m going with this. Not long ago, a rabid mob of brain-washed Leftist cry-babies (with a second grade public school understanding of history) toppled a monument dedicated to University of Northern Carolina students who defended their homes, families and communities not from slavery (surprise, surprise), but from invasion and the horrific atrocities allowed under a tyrannical regime. But wait, isn’t this a private property issue? Yeah, it would be if this was a monument that some guy had in his front yard. But this is a publicly funded, supposed institute of higher learning we’re talking about here. And even if it wasn’t, we could still question the bad taste of ripping down things that have artistic or cultural merit.

For example, maybe you’ve seen the movie Equilibrium, a pretty cool flick that deals with this very subject. In the movie it’s awful when we see a tyrannical government control human emotions and burn up books, artwork and other items that have the capability to stir the heart and mind. But then when the Left does it in the real-world, it’s now somehow okay? Crazy. But then again, so is a lot of what’s going on. And sometimes if you can’t do much of anything else, you can at least laugh about it.

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