American Socialists Release “Heroes of Leftism” Card Game!

Bernie Sanders, Parody, Socialist, leftism, card gameGalactic Imperium News Service: The American Society of Socialists recently unveiled a collectible card game designed to excite and entice young people into the wonderful world of Socialism. Backed by a number of prominent American Socialists who have made their fortunes in the University system and through building Social Media Empires, Democratic Socialist party officials praised the “Heroes of Leftism” card set and planned to distribute millions of the cards for Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters.

The numbered set features prominent Progressives, Leftists and Socialists who are impacting culture today. Below each name, there’s a short bio and special “abilities” which can be played as part of the game. Some cards may counteract these abilities, or detract from the overall power rating of various abilities. (Note: The samples in this post features Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Historian Eric Foner, beloved leftist icon Margaret Sanger, and Ocasio-Cortez)

Says Josefs Talon of the National Educators Union of Socialists, “We recently heard former President Barack Obama decry National Socialism, or Nazism, which we were afraid would be really confusing to many of our young people who love the free stuff that socialism provides. In fact, some amongst the Democratic Socialists – or Dezism as some call it – were wondering if we might need to engage in a rebranding effort. However, this card game comes at an ideal time to distract our little radicals with something cool to focus on until Obama’s confusing statements are forgotten.”

Note: The above is designed as work of parody or humorous fiction. Comments? Let us know! Want even more funny libertarian cartoons or satire? Check out the tabs above, or search for Galactic Imperium News in the search bar at right. In the meantime, be sure to check out our cool store for your totally unique libertarian/voluntaryist t-shirts, cups, mugs, notebooks and more! Click Here!


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