The Largest Secessionist Conference in America!

Secession, Nullification, Conference, 2018

Are you tired of people from another State halfway across the country trying to dictate to YOU on how they think you should live? Frustrated by all the left vs. right nonsense that happens every time another federal election rolls around? If so, perhaps it’s time to start thinking optimistically about the future through your state peacefully withdrawing from a broken and abusive relationship! Break free from the establishment propaganda, and discover the truth from such exciting voices in America like Michael Boldin, Donald Livingston, Dan Fisher, Allen Mendenhall, Jeff Deist, Kirkpatrick Sale and Marcus Ruiz Evans!

From Abbeville Institute: “The secession of 15 states from the Soviet Union in 1991 was the greatest peaceful revolution in modern history. Secession and decentralist movements are firmly entrenched throughout Europe. Discourse of secession and state interposition to federal tyranny is now mainstream in America on the left and right. Are we witnessing a paradigm shift away from runaway centralization? Join us for a thoughtful discussion of secession and the prospects for decentralization in the United States.”  Lectures and Discussion Saturday, November 10 beginning at 9 am, break for lunch and ending at 4:30. Conference fee is $95 includes lunch, coffee, and cost of speakers. For those arriving Friday evening there will be a “meet and greet the speakers” gathering in the Bond Room for an informal discussion of the topic–add $25 to Conference fee. You may register online by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Also, get your secession gear for the upcoming conference at the libertopia store (libertopia store and libertopia cartoons is unaffiliated with Abbeville Institute. This post is simply for informational purposes only)!

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