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Galactic Imperium News FLASH: In a bid to leverage a few more critical youth votes, the Democrapic Party and various rich and powerful social media entities unveiled the above new ad on the eve of the mid-term elections. Says Flower Pharts, Democrapic Committee Chair Woman, “We really believe that this is a critical crossroads in our Mob-Rule Democracy. Either Millennials get out and vote, or we’re all Doomed!”

Pharts could later be seen shouting hysterically at a group of Generation Xers, admonishing them for being suspicious of authority and not giving a rip about “the man”. “It’s YOUR Fault we’re in this mess!” She screamed, clutching her hair. “The world teeters on the brink of disaster like it has on every other election cycle, and here Generation X sits and does NOTHING!”

Meanwhile, the Resputlican Party also attempted to warn voters the tragedy about to befall them if Democrapics were to gain any kind of influence in the Empire. In an event hosted across the street from the Democrapic HQ, Nate Nee O’Kahn gyrated and pranced about the stage bemoaning the horrific tragedies that would befall civilization if the Democraps were to win. “If you want to see Stalinist Gulags on every corner, just stay home and don’t vote for us.”

Note: The above advertisement and subsequent “news release” is a work of parody or satire, and is not to be taken as factual news. Although, if you already happen to get your news from MSN, CNN or FOX, then you probably already recognized this as a piece of *cough* fake news *cough*…:)

So what do you think? Comments on the Youth Vote, Rock the Vote, Democrats, Republicans, or libertarians? Let us know in the comments! And in the meantime, don’t forget to check out our AMAZING store with all the awesome stuff you WANT in order to make a cool statement to everyone you know. Just lay your little peepers on the shirts below, and tell me you don’t want one! Find our store RIGHT HERE.


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