HOT off the PRESS!!! Meet Antifa Al and Lester the Lincoln Lover!

snowflake buddies, leftism, parody, satire, cartoon, graphic novelHot Off the Press! It’s Our First Book from Shotwell Publishing!

Frustrated? Annoyed? Tired of establishment elitists not listening to YOU? If so, find your favorite safespace and curl up with 30 AMAZING full-color illustrated pages of satire and wit! You and your favorite little Leftist will LOVE laughing and learning the ABCs together with our hilarious Snowflake Buddies (like Antifa Al and Lester the Lincoln Lover) and clever rhymes.

But wait… THERE’S MORE! As an added bonus, you will learn more about how Leftism is shaping our world today with 12 super fun activity pages that includes an anti-capitalist maze, social justice warrior approved color pages, a word search, Captain Communist, cool Leftist glasses and other great surprises!

So what are you waiting for? See for yourself why the Society of the Golden Pacifier calls the ABCs OF LEFTISM “one of the most important works for Leftists!”
Also includes “The Left Edge of Insanity” – a dystopian short story as it appeared on and!

WOW!!! Order the Print Edition Here!

AWESOME!!! Order the Kindle Edition Here!

By the way, if you love our book – please leave a review on amazon! Also share on social media and help us get the word out 🙂 Thanks!!!

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1 Response to HOT off the PRESS!!! Meet Antifa Al and Lester the Lincoln Lover!

  1. Cooter Brown says:

    That thare iz mighty funny! I gots t’ git me one of dem!


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