Rare Big Chungus Concept Art from 1930

Anarchist, Ancap, Big Chungus, Chungus, parody, satireGalactic Imperium News Service: Breaking News from Libertopia Cartoons! The above graphic was recently unearthed in the attic of 92 year old cartoon aficionado Jimmie Whoppumaxia, who claims to have once worked with the top animators in the business. Whoppumaxia, a former animator from 1946 until he retired in 1989, says that the above Anarcho Big Chungus concept art was probably developed around 1930, but was determined to have been too controversial for audiences at the time.

Whoppumaxia states that, “We tried to bring back Anarcho Big Chungus again in 1968, as we thought the character might resonate with the counter-cultural movement taking place in America at the time, however we could find no television networks who would sign on to the concept. It wasn’t until my great grandson showed me Big Chungus on PewDiePie, that I thought perhaps Anarcho Big Chungus could make a comeback through the internet with libertarians and anarcho capitalists.”

Note: The above illustration and article is considered a work of satire or parody, and should not be considered actual news. For entertainment purposes only. Reading while working in a hog farm shoveling 52 tons of hog feces may cause vomiting and blurred vision. Libertopia Cartoons not to be held responsible for triggered snowflakes, leftist graphic designers, mouth foaming neo-cons or outbursts of pro-State screeching. 

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