About Libertopia!

bar1Libertopia Cartoons is an awesome blog that features cartoons and graphics, articles, PDF resources, art contests, artist interviews and more!

We think our content is a little different than most you might come across, as we utilize a lot of visuals to help boil down a complex message into something that can be a little more easily understood by a wide audience. And most of all, we like to have FUN!

For example, our flagship Libertopia Cartoon series features an interesting cast of characters (seen at left), and is set on an island named “Libertopia” where Liberty is truly prized (hence the name of our blog). Through the interactions of these characters, we’ll have a great time discussing some of the big issues concerning freedom in the world today. We’ll also explore various topics through single panel cartoons called  “Libertopia Singles” – as well as Liberty themed memes and infographics. Keep a look out for these fun illustrations and educational resources too! To view all of our artwork, click on Libertopia Graphics(Please note: Our blog is not affiliated with any other web-site or organization. The names and characters in our cartoons are not meant to bear any resemblance to any living people, and it’s a coincidence if they do!)

Read: Lewis Shares Insight into the Island of Libertopia!

Meanwhile, we’ll have plenty of interesting articles, artist interviews, art contests and PDF resources for your enjoyment as well – which will always be written with the regular person in mind! And who knows, maybe you’ll even see Lewis, Julie or Paul writing an article or two! To check out our resources, please see our resource page. To view our art contests and artist interviews, please see our artist page!

We are Growing! Our graphics have been featured in online newspapers and have been a hit with organizations like the Ninjas for Liberty PAC, the Jason Stapleton ProgramRutherford Institute, Beyond Democracy, Abbeville Institute and more on twitter, google+ and facebook (see our resources tab for more info). We also have plans to grow Libertopia Design through animated videos and a dedicated website (donate at our patreon page, or purchase our book below to help us with these goals)! And don’t forget, if you’re a libertarian site who might like to be featured on our page – contact us!

Also, read Why I am a Libertarian for additional information!

Want to help? Donate at our Patreon Page!

snowflake buddies, leftism, parody, satire, cartoon, graphic novelAlso, be sure to order our Snowflake Buddies book from Shotwell Publishing! This hilarious satire book has 30 AMAZING full-color illustrated pages featuring our Snowflake Buddies (like Antifa Al and Lester the Lincoln Lover) and clever ABC rhymes. Also includes 12 super fun activity pages with an anti-capitalist maze, social justice warrior approved color pages, a word search, Captain Communist, cool Leftist glasses and other great surprises! See for yourself why the Society of the Golden Pacifiercalls the ABCs OF LEFTISM “one of the most important works for Leftists!” Also includes “The Left Edge of Insanity” – a dystopian short story as it appeared on LewRockwell.com and abbevilleinstitute.org!

Contact us at: silverlake37 (at) outlook (dot) com

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2 Responses to About Libertopia!

  1. Frankjc3rd says:

    Does the Democratic Donkey HAVE to be named “Frank”?


    • tridus says:

      Frankjc3rd – thanks for the comment! Yes, we debated a lot on this characters name, and ended up going with it as we liked how it sounded in relation to the other characters – and the relation with certain famous people. However, we may swap some characters out and have new ones in order to keep things interesting. Hope you keep reading! Please let us know if you have any ideas or other comments 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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