Need an Artist?

Lewis, libertopia, cartoon, graphic, illustration, libertarianDo you need a little help with a project, but aren’t sure where to find an affordable, easy to work with graphic artist? If so, look no further! Not only have we created all the great content you see throughout our libertopia website, but we’ve also helped out a wide variety of people and organizations in creating something special for their projects too (like the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul 2012, Tenth Amendment Center, Anarchist Ale, Ninjas for Liberty PAC, the Jason Stapleton Show, McClanahan Academy and Abbeville Institute. Note: Art or design work provided should not necessarily be considered as an endorsement).

Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center, Graphic Design, graphic designer, recommendation

Services Provided:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Ads
  • Web Graphics (Banners, etc.)
  • T-shirt Artwork
  • Logos
  • Artwork & Cartoons
  • Writing great marketing content
  • and much more – just ask!

Check out some of our samples!

Cost: We love helping out people in our community, and work to provide our services at a much more affordable cost than many other artists out there. Simply let us know what kind of project you’re working on, and we can generate an estimate from there!

Contact us: Send us a message at silverlake37 (at) outlook (dot) com, or catch us over at twitter, google+, instagram or facebook. Just look for Lewis Liberman or Julie Wilder! We look forward to helping you out!

libertarian, voluntaryism, anarcho capitalism, ancap, art, graphic design, ebook, book, illustration, artist interviews, cool stuff


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