Libertopia Resources


PDF Resources: The following resources are designed to be an eye-catching and easy-to-read means to learn about important subjects concerning a variety of topics. Hope you find them useful!

  • The White Rose: Passive Resistance (6 pages) Learn more about the White Rose movement, a passive resistance group who sought to help educate and raise awareness of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazi government.

Check out our ABCs of Leftism! With 25 AMAZING pages of satire and wit – including 6 super fun activity pages with mazes, a word search, the Statist 10 Commandments, cool Leftist glasses and other great surprises – you and your kids will LOVE learning the ABCs with these fun rhymes! For each letter of the alphabet, there’s a funny character that will help you and your child learn about how Leftism is shaping our world today! There’s plenty of laughs and fun for all. Plus, it’s at a super low price of 99 cents! You can’t beat that! We are also proud to bear the seal of the Society of the Golden Pacifier, which recognized our ABC’s of Leftism as one of the most important works for children in 2018. Enjoy! Find it right HERE or by clicking the graphic above.

Science Fiction and Fantasy! We love sci-fi and fantasy! Following are some of the posts we’ve done where we feature great sci-fi authors, artists, reviews and more!

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