Minecraft…libertarian Paradise?

Minecraft, libertarian, game, game review, voluntaryism, ancap, anarcho capitalismIt was a dark time for gaming. Shooters abounded, with the game giants churning out endless sequels to Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Halo and Gears of War. And while some of them could be pretty decent, I yearned for something unique. An open-world style game that allowed me to build, explore and have a cool adventure. Sounds like a great idea, right?

That’s when I came across Minecraft, a procedurally generated world filled with blocks that could be “mined” in order to produce a variety of tools and structures. It sounded awesome, except for one minor problem. It wasn’t available on my Xbox 360. Instead, what WAS available was the independently produced Total Miner, a game of similar design that I quickly fell in love with. Over the next year or so, I’d mine and build my way across countless worlds, filling them with elaborate structures of my own design. I’d also play Fortress Craft, which was a slightly different take – but still pretty great too. And when Minecraft finally arrived on the 360? Yep, you guessed it. I delved in and spent the next two or three years building huge futuristic cities and exploring the mountains, ravines and oceans of whatever world I happened to like the looks of.

Today on my PS4, I still pick it up and play it whenever I want a great couch co-op experience, or just want to spend a little time building and chilling out. In fact while playing recently, I thought about how Minecraft could quite possibly be on of the most libertarian / anarcho capitalist / voluntaryist games out there. I mean, if you’ve also played it, you might know what I’m talking about. The world literally has no government or massive State to oversee all your actions. There’s just you, and your drive to create and explore. Want to build an awesome house in the middle of the ocean, or better yet – under the ocean? You can do it! Want to create a Frank Lloyd Wright style structure in the mountains? Go for it! Enjoy farming, trading with the locals and raising animals? Make it happen! Don’t like the skeletons that keep breaking the non-aggression principal with the nearby peaceful villages at night? You can step in and save the day. No government permit, state board of regulation, imposed statism, or calling the cops.

Of course, you’re also free to behave badly if you want too. For example, if you want to level the entire landscape to build a giant lava spewing toilet, well…it can be done, provided you want to take the time to mine the materials and construct the thing. Or if you want to place a thousand blocks of dynamite in the middle of a peaceful group of derpy looking cows, or build an unsightly dirt tower in the middle of a beautiful valley, yep. You guessed it. You can do that too.

The immensely successful game, which is brightly colored with soothing ambient music, and an environment made entirely out of blocks (including animals and other forms of life), is appropriate for kids and adults. Players can certainly “kill” the creatures found in the game, but there is no blood. And surprisingly in this day and age, there’s no sexual content or foul language either. It’s an extremely accessible and creative game all about building, exploration, self determination, creating your own story – and freedom.

And hey, let’s face it. If libertarian sea colonies or a voluntaryist country happens to take a while to come into fruition here in the real world, at least you can build one in Minecraft. Have fun!

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Orwellian Government in Missouri BANS Monument to Women

kansas city, women, women's rights, feminism, censorship, orwellian, confederate, confederate monument, government, ward parkway, leftism, progressivism,What? Banning a monument to women in this day and age? Surely you jest? No, not at all. For according to sources from Kansas City, Missouri – a monument to women has been identified by the thought police as dangerous to society, and will soon be removed. Not only has this piece of public sculpture been targeted for a trip down the memory hole (that’s a reference to 1984 for all of you who received a substandard public school education), but the expensive cost of it’s removal will doubtless all be done on taxpayer dime.

Sexism? A woman from the area who contacted us recently about this (and who wishes to not be identified for obvious reasons of retribution from the Leftist Secret Police), noted that, “I think it’s pretty ironic that there has been such a push in society lately to recognize women and their contributions to our communities – only to have a case like this where the Left is now seeking removal of a monument to women who sacrificed so much for their community during a time of war.” Nuff’ said. Now the only question is, which feminist group or American veterans organization will take a stand for these ladies? Or is it just not a very profitable cause from a fund-raising standpoint?

Artistic Censorship? The monument, which was created sometime in the 1930’s, is done in an art deco style and features words commemorating the sacrifice of women during America’s unCivil War. However, as it commemorates women who are now perceived to have “the wrong kind of beliefs”, it naturally must be eradicated before some special snowflake is triggered beyond repair. Missouri was one of the most brutal states during this horrible conflict, in which countless women were targeted by an oppressive government. Martial Law was declared here, and homes were burned, women and children were exposed to the elements, husbands, brothers and sons were killed (sometimes through hanging or being shot on the spot), and freedoms were denied. It’s a historical fact that many of these people did not own any slaves, and simply fought to receive justice. But, as we all know, when the Left censors our art – it’s different. Right?

leftism, pacifier, leftist, progressivism, intolerance, snowflake, SJW, social justice warrior, meme, graphic, cartoonRacism? Of course we can now add sexism and censorship of art in this latest fun crusade to destroy history and culture. But what about racism? Well, there’s plenty of documented cases of African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics who served their communities on the side of the South. To remove these monuments, which certainly commemorate their sacrifice as well, is an inadvertent form of racism against these people of the past. Again, ironic. But who says the Left has to make sense?

Thanks government! The monument at Ward Parkway is reportedly currently covered with wood so as not to burn out the eye-sockets of any dainty flowers who might happen to gaze in that direction. It’s said that soon, the local government plans to move it away from public view. See more from the local leftist press – the Kansas City Star – right here (if you want to vomit in your mouth).

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5 Reasons You Might Be Wrong About Confederate Monuments

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The Confederate Veterans Monument is NOT a monument to Slavery: Many of the monuments erected were done so by friends, families and loved ones who had lost fathers, brothers, wives and children during this bloody war. Anyone who has studied history from this time period understands this, as many first-hand documents will reveal just how difficult life could be for all people throughout the Border states and the South as a whole. Many who fought and died did so because their communities were under attack, or they had lost family members through acts of brutality by the enemy. Under martial law in places like Missouri, voter rights were denied, gun ownership prohibited, people were imprisoned on rumors, loyalty oaths were instituted, public figures were ousted from office, men and boys were gunned down on their doorsteps or hung from a tree in their yards, and freedom of religion was denied. It’s a fact that most Southern people owned no slaves at all, and ended up fighting the North because there was no third option to align themselves with. See “The Half Not Told” By Preston Filbert, “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, or “When the World Ended: The Diary of Emma LeConte” for more accounts of this.

2. Confederate Monuments ALSO Honors African American, Native American and Hispanic Veterans: Whether it be in St. Louis, Charlottesville, New Orleans or Durham, North Carolina – attacking Confederate monuments erected in honor of those people lost in this tragic period of history is also an attack on African Americans, Hispanics, and Native American veterans who fought for the South. We all share the same history – and it’s ironic that when we should be honoring minority contributions to our communities, we’re seeking to erase them. There are records and historical documents of African Americans and Native Americans fighting in bushwhacker units, as well as other parts of the South – like Native Americans (Cherokees) fighting at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Not many records exist of this however, as in the chaos of war many such records were lost during the fall of the Southern Government. However, one good resource on this is “Black Southerners in Confederate Armies” by J.H. Segars and Charles Kelly Barrow.

3. Confederate Veterans Monuments are NOT about honoring Traitors: We often hear the dogmatic assertion that the Confederate soldier was a traitor and “satan incarnate” to the supposedly holy Union. If this is true, then George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are traitors as well, based on their act of secession from the British Empire. Additionally, during the American Revolution, Slavery was also present in society. So the case could certainly be made that the American Revolution was also a slave-holding country seceding from their parent government. For further reading, see “The War Between the States” by John J. Dwyer, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. PhD, or “The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates“.

4. History as taught from Public School, College or a Movie may not be accurate: Yeah, yeah. I get it that we all learned a cursory overview of American History sometime back in elementary school or junior high. And maybe we took a history class from some crusty professor with an axe to grind back in college. Or better yet, maybe we’ve all seen the heart-stirring propaganda from folks like Quinten Tarantino and his heavily biased and bloody “Django Unchained”. The point is, that like any period of history – nineteenth century history is complex (like today), with many different kinds of people groups and beliefs. Blanket assertions today or two-second sound-bytes discredit these people and their stories, no matter which “side” they’re on. Read and study the history in question for yourself before marching on some Orwellian crusade of eradication.

5. Many People Who Defend Confederate Monuments ARE NOT RACIST. This should go without saying, however in this volatile time in which the establishment media “gestapo” and Leftist fanatics are attempting to resurrect the next French Revolution, it kind of needs to be said. Many people who support these monuments value history and learning from the past. Some of us also believe that a lot of these monuments signify the commemoration of hundreds of thousands of dead men, women and children lost through the savagery of war. And a lot of us also believe that this is something worth remembering. Veterans monuments (Revolutionary War, “Civil” War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, etc) are a way to remember the horrible circumstances people went through in order to build the communities we have today.

Our communities are made up of many diverse people, and we may not share the same beliefs (duh). Our communities 150 plus years ago learned the hard way about the cost that comes from not getting along, and what tragically happens when a bunch of power-hungry politicians and radicals attempts to force their way. Perhaps if more people learned from history, we wouldn’t have such a mess today. Also see: I don’t need your civil war.

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Back to School Indoctrination in Canada

education, school, public school, propaganda, indoctrination, government school, canada

It’s time for back to school! If you’re like a lot of modern parents, you’re probably wondering just how much influence the local public school might have over junior. Well, wonder no longer. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO), a labour union in Canada representing all public school elementary teachers (with some 78,000 members) recently unveiled Inclusiveness Training for sensitivity towards LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP (Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous). As illustrated on the above flyer, the ETFO states that, “Our goal is to become more familiar with current language, sensitive to current issues and to share the best practices in supporting our LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP peers & students.” The flyer also notes that, “Fewer than 1% of ETFO members are open with their identities, though some surveys suggest as much as half of the public secretly identifies with LGBT to some extent. If we want students to succeed, if we want to reduce staff anxiety and stress, we need to create a much more welcoming and accepting environment.”

public school, statism, cartoon, political cartoon, authoritarianism

Uh huh. Some surveys. Cause if there’s one thing that should be a part of every elementary school aged kids educational indoctrination, it should definitely be LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP sensitivity. I mean, why not – it’s been a staple of education for the last 200 years, and we know how dumb kids were back in the old days (sarcasm). Oh, and before I forget…tax dollars should most certainly be used to fund it. Cause nothing good happens unless it’s through the State and it’s coffers full of our money.

Home School or a good private school is looking better all the time.

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Modern Day Chicken Little

leftism, racism, chicken little, cartoon, political cartoon, awesome artwork, illustration, Have any thoughts on racism, chicken little, statism, individualism, leftism, leftist intolerance, progressivism, the establishment media (like CNN, MSN, Fox News, etc), confederate monuments (like the one that was recently toppled by leftist thugs in Durham County, North Carolina)? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you. Plus, don’t forget – if you or someone you know is a libertarian artist, illustrator, cartoonist, writer or graphic designer who is passionate about the ideas represented in voluntaryism, anarcho capitalism (ancap) or freedom in general, then be sure to send us your artwork for our upcoming art contest (details here)! We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, check out our great community of libertarian artist interviews and more at the tabs above!

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Leftism: The Same Old Game

leftism, progressives, progressivism, illustration, political cartoon, political artwork, socialism, nazism, intolerance

Galactic Imperium News Service: After announcing a special division at the North American Moogle corporate headquarters called The Division of Tolerance and Thought Crime (or DTTC for short), other social media giants like Fakebook, Bitter and Dumblr announced their own special departments devoted towards the facilitating of Leftist thought within their corporate atmospheres. Says Sherry Dinkowitz, DTTC Lead Officer for the program at Moogle, “Our Division of Tolerance and Thought Crime Department will be devoted to policing our employees and making sure they aren’t perpetrating any undesirable thoughts or actions which may poison our community. Such behavior may result in being sent to a week-long sensitivity training seminar, or – in severe cases – immediate dismissal.”

When asked why such measures were being instituted, Dinkowitz explained that, “We live in a culture of rampant religious intolerance, hate, sexism, racism and white privilege. It’s important to take strong  measures to stamp out any kind of individualism or foreign thought which can be determined as being linked with such unsavory elements.”

“It’s our hope that we can build a future free from those types of people or beliefs we don’t approve of,” Dinkowitz said with a smile.

Note: The above post is a work of parody or satire. Any relation to actual companies (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr), real-life people or present-day circumstances is likely just an unusual coincidence. Check out the rest of our libertarian cartoons right here!

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Trump Saving Transgender Lives?

Max Klinger, leftism, political cartoon, illustration, transgender, LGBT, military, MASHGalactic Imperium News Service: The activist group known as the Transgendered Lives Matter Coalition (TLMC) recently issued a statement regarding President Donald Trump ‘s July 2017 announcement on potentially reinstating a ban on transgender individuals from working in the United States Armed Forces. Sally McSweetums, director of the TLMC and noted ball-room gown designer, said that, “We all share in everyone’s relief that FINALLY the beloved cross dressing character of Max Klinger on MASH can escape potentially being blown to bits by a jungle booby-trap. We’re also pleased that the President has recognized that human life is precious, and thus has given transgendered individuals an opportunity to get out of being drafted or sent to die in some senseless war overseas. While many progressive Statists might look at Trump ‘s actions as intolerant or mean-spirited, we here at the TLMC are grateful that we can spend our energies in more productive avenues than fighting and killing on behalf of establishment elites on both the Left and the Right.”

Note, this post is intended as a parody or satire on current events and the absurdities of society today. Enjoy cool graphic design, political cartoons or other awesome artwork? Check out the rest of our site for libertarian artist interviews and more!

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