Veteran and Beloved Liberty-Minded Politician passes away at 20 years old: Stubbs the Cat

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The world continues to mourn the passing of one of the greatest liberty-minded leaders of our time. Stubbs the cat, who passed away in his sleep the evening of July 20, had faithfully served his community as mayor of Talkeeta, Alaska since 1998. Born in 1997, Stubbs was sadly only 20 years young when he died.

Talkeeta, a community of around 900 people, chose Stubbs to be their representative around 19 years ago as a write-in candidate. Since then, this furry feline has always enjoyed bipartisan support, as well as the love and affection of tourists, his family and many neighbors and friends. In 2013, Stubbs survived a vicious dog attack, but made a remarkable recovery and went on to eat, sleep and bring joy to those around him.

Libertopia’s own libertarian cat issued a statement earlier this morning, noting that, “We have lost a great champion of liberty in our era through the loss of such a remarkable cat who lived life to the fullest. Particularly noteworthy was Stubb’s proud defense of his community in the great Dog Attack of 2013 and his unique gift of bringing people together. Unlike many politicians today, he never raised taxes, made empty promises, campaigned for special interest projects, bombed anyone or created any laws that further reduced our liberties. Stubbs will surely be an inspiration to future generations of cats and humans alike.”

For more information, please see:

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New “Evil South” TV Show Promises to Teach People Why Lincoln is a Saint & Secession is Wicked

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Galactic Imperium News Service: Not to be outdone by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’s brilliant idea for a new post-Game of Thrones show exploring the drama and high-stakes tension of an alternate America where slavery still exists (which can be read here and here), Keltag Hagrinax and J.X. Parnohack of the hit series Shame of Crones also recently unveiled details of their new show at the GINS Media Summit. The sci-fi action epic, which will be called Evil South, is planned to release on the BSN Network at about the same time as Benioff’s and Weiss’s Confederate.

“Like Confederate, our show will also depict an alternate reality of the United States where the South has successfully seceded and slavery exists,” Hagrinax and Parnohack explained. “However, where our show is different is that we’re actually setting it in the year 2061. A post apocalyptic South where a conservative theocracy is oppressing and enslaving all races – as well as LGBT peoples, will be at odds with a utopian Communist North where freedom, peace and love prevails. After a series of terrifying incidents along the Mason-Dixon line, a cybernetic Abraham Lincoln and a genetically super-engineered William Tecumseh Sherman, with built-in flame thrower of course, will be resurrected in order to fight a third American Civil War.”

“We actually think our show will be much more socially relevant than Confederate, as we will seek to incorporate everything you learned in public school about why secession is evil, why confederate veterans monuments are wicked, why the south is terrible and how Abraham Lincoln was the glorious savior of humanity,” Parnohack stated. “And like what happened in the 1860’s, we also think that we’ll make a compelling case as to why it’s necessary for the Northern State to wage a campaign of extermination and destruction in 2061 against the men, women and children of the South.”

“I think the media and entertainment really have a duty to keep hitting people over the head with our take on these themes, especially in our harshly divided society,” Hagrinax said with a smile. “Like in Steven Speilberg ’s Lincoln, Gary Ross ’s Free State of Jones, Quentin Tarantino ’s Django Unchained or even Margaret Atwood ’s The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s not really about historical accuracy or being unbiased. If you wanted that, you’d check out historians like Thomas J. DiLorenzo ’s The Real Lincoln or Brion McClanahan ’s books and podcast. Rather, Evil South and other works like it are about shaping people’s thinking along the lines that Hollywood and the Establishment believes is the correct way to think. If that causes even more tension and animosity amongst people, then perhaps the State really does need to step in and force people to do what WE want them to do.”

Note: This post is a work of parody or satire. Thoughts about statism, leftism, propaganda in entertainment, historical inaccuracy or revisionist history? Let us know in the comments!

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Sociologist Reveals Why People Love to Steal

socialism, leftist, statism, protest, protesting, taxation is theft, libertarian, voluntaryism, ancapWhat is it that people LOVE about Socialism/Communism? Why can’t people throughout the United States and Europe get enough of stealing from their neighbors in order to support their own well-being? Is it really all about daydreams of Star Trek? In an attempt to answer this question, Galactic Imperium’s Sociology Division recently sat down with best-selling author and prominent Sociologist Junie Crandikooks in order to provide an unfiltered look into the world of Socialism, Leftism, Statism and Progressivism.

Socialism, a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the State, is also related to the Marxist theory of utilizing State manipulation in order to create a social state in which capitalism is overthrown and communism is realized.

“We live in a world where sometimes we as people can feel very small. Socialism and Communism is a way for the individual unit to be a part of something much bigger and much more glorious than they could ever hope to possibly be on their own,” Crandikooks explained. “Furthermore, it’s a philosophy that nearly everyone can get behind. For example, while many Christians understand that one of their commandments specifically speaks against theft – they can justify their State forcibly taking things from their friends and neighbors because they aren’t actually the ones committing the act.”

Crandikooks also noted that, “Some detractors of socialism and communism always point to North Korea, Nazi Germany’s brand of National Socialism or Venezuela as examples of why Socialism is a threat to the world today. However, what they don’t realize is that it’s the influence of capitalism that causes these places to fail. Any tiny little bit of capitalism or individuality can send terrible shock-waves throughout a socialistic structure. If only the State had properly liquidated all capitalistic influences and individualistic beliefs that create competition and friction, they would be thriving utopias today.”

When asked about the popular television drama of Star Trek, and if this fictional representation of Socialism is why so many have fallen in love with the idea, Crandikooks nodded emphatically. “Absolutely. The world of Star Trek has been carefully engineered to allow socialism/communism to flourish. It’s a picture of how the State, through the careful engineering of our own society, will doubtless cause socialism and communism to blossom into the wonderful paradise that we see in this science fiction drama.”

“We see a lot of tension in our communities today between the left and the right because it comes down to individuality,” Crandikooks said with a smile. “We’ve already pretty much agreed that no matter which side of the fence we’re on, that it’s okay for the State to redistribute wealth and work to create economic equality. But we still have those seeds of individualism that are creating problems between the leftists, progressivists, conservatives and those on the right. I’m sure that if progressives can get in power – perhaps with someone like a Bernie Sanders – they will be able to force conformity and we will at last have peace.”

Note: This post is a work of parody or satire. Any relation to actual incidents or real people is an unusual coincidence. And oh yeah…taxation is theft.

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Also see this great article from Mises Institute on European Socialism: If Sweden and Germany became US states, they would be amongst the poorest states.

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Government or Not?

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So, you’ve probably gotten in a discussion before about a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist or voluntaryist society, and had someone respond with, “Yeah, but what about a church group, family, or several neighbors who decide to have a few rules amongst them? Wouldn’t that be considered a government? What would be so bad about that?”

Which is why I think the infographic above is such a helpful resource. It boils down very effectively (with simple visuals of course) as to what is and isn’t government. In other words, if you can ignore and it and it will leave you alone – then it isn’t a government. Easy. Special thanks to Tom de Lorenzo on google+ for providing the chart and allowing me to give it a little graphic design.

Have any thoughts on minding your own business, leaving people alone, statism, individualism, government or what constitutes a government? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you. Plus, don’t forget – if you or someone you know is a libertarian artist who is passionate about the ideas represented in voluntaryism, anarcho capitalism (ancap) or freedom in general, then be sure to send us your artwork for our upcoming art contest (details here)! We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, check out our great community of libertarian artist interviews and more at the tabs above!

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Support Fidget Spinner Equality or We’re all DOOMED!

fidget spinner, net neutrality, government regulation, satire, spoof, parody, statism, statistGalactic Imperium News Service reports that earlier today, the powerful lobbyist group known as the Fidget Spinner Equality Association (or FSEA) descended upon Washington D.C. in order to demand government oversight and control of the Fidget Spinner industry. “We are concerned that the market has enabled the creation of dangerous Fidget Spinners that may not be safe for children or their parents,” said FSEA Chairman Frank Fannycraft. “Furthermore, we hope that our elected officials will do the right thing and enact legislation to regulate Fidget Spinners and prevent the formation of Fidget Spinner monopolies in the months and years to come. Because not only will our proposed legislation benefit our kids, but it will also create jobs, boost the economy and create more tax revenue for much needed government projects.”

However, some detractors claim that the fidget spinner legislation is simply borrowing a page from the net neutrality playbook, and using government “newspeak” to influence people into believing that harmful policies are in fact a positive thing. “The FSEA claims that unless the industry is regulated, a fidget spinner monopoly could occur where dangerous fidget spinners are released at outrageous prices  – and that consumers will have no choice but to buy them,” said opponent Billy McBlastikins.

Fannycraft called the accusations from McBlastikins as “absurd”, and “a fine example of yet another libertarian crackpot shouting about Statism all while advocating for some kind of Mad Max apocalyptic wasteland.”

“We’re confident that we can speak to the many concerned individuals out there who, like us, believe that the only way that positive change can happen is through State control,” Fannycraft stated. “This is quite simply a matter of either agreeing with us, or supporting the end of the world. There is no third, fourth, or fifth option here.”

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Note: This post is a work of parody or satire. Any relation to actual incidents or real people is an unusual coincidence.


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Battle for the Net!

battle for the net, net neutrality, don't tread on me, gadsden flag, big government, statism, statist, propaganda poster, illustration, cartoon The above piece was created for Deviant Art’s “Battle for the Net” campaign (see it at Deviant Art here). As Deviant Art can be an interesting place to potentially engage a lot of artists and creatives with a message of freedom, I thought it would be a good idea to represent Net Neutrality from a more libertarian perspective. In doing so, I utilized a popular design from the gadsden flag (don’t tread on me), with the big boot of the State, Cronyism and their version of net “neutrality” about to do some treading!

For example, Elliot on facebook notes that, “All that net neutrality did was shift the cost of providing the infrastructure to carry large services like Netflix and Google onto all consumers instead of the pockets of the businesses. Net neutrality exists only to line the pockets of internet giant executives and shareholders, and it’s at your expense.”

And Dan Muller (Actual Anarchy) notes, “If only ‘Net Neutrality’ meant ‘Free from government control'”.

Anyway, one thing I’ve noticed is that both Deviant Art and seem to be conveying is that the internet is solely under threat from big business (like comcast, verizon, time warner cable and at&t) – and not from cronyism and politicians utilizing their power and influence to cozy up to business. Which is a pretty typical mistake. But if you want to get involved, all you have to do is create your own artwork letting others know about the importance of emancipating the internet and keeping it a true place of freedom for all people. Simply use the hashtag #BattleForTheNet !

For more information on why Net Neutrality might be a bad idea:

Are you a libertarian artist who is passionate about the ideas represented in voluntaryism, anarcho capitalism (ancap) or freedom in general? If so, let us know in the comments section or send us your artwork for our upcoming art contest (details here)! We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, check out our great community of libertarian artist interviews and more at the tabs above!

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Happy Secession Day!

secession day, july 4th, secession, secede, gadsden flag, declaration of independence, independence dayHappy Secession Day! On July 4 of every year here in the not-so-United States of America, some of us remember how our patriotic ancestors bravely lit off sparklers, waved British flags and sacrificed so much in order to barbecue a few hamburgers in honor of good old King George. Sure, they were being gunned down in the streets, faced heavy taxation, and were subject to ridiculous amounts of bureaucracy and corrupt politicians – but come on? What would they have done? Throw tea into a harbor? Pen a Declaration of Independence? Secede from a tyrant government, and then fight against invading forces bent upon re-subjugating the rebellious through terrible acts of force and aggression? Yeah, sounds like too much work to me too. Now let me get back to my beer.

P.S. If you like the above design, check out some of the other cool designs available at my store! Imagine how awesome you’ll look by making a great and unique statement for liberty and freedom in your community!

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