Infographic: Act Violently Against Peaceful People???

statism, infographic, graphic design, communism, socialism, democratic socialism, libertarian, voluntaryismTaxation is Theft? Is Statism helpful? The above infographic was created to help illustrate the difference between Communism, Socialism (and Democratic Socialists), Conservatives, Minarchists and Voluntaryists. Granted, the Voluntaryist category could likely include agorism, ancaps and libertarians – although some libertarians may fall into the minarchist category too. But it depicts how four of the schools of political thought use violence, force or coercion in order to fund police, muh roads (ha ha), healthcare, unemployment, universal healthcare, housing, food and more. Meanwhile, the bottom category utilizes voluntary relationships to acquire desired services. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section!

What’s Everyone Talking About?

snowflake buddies, leftism, parody, satire, cartoon, graphic novelFeatured on Lew, Abbeville Institute, Dissident Mama and  more – it’s our First Book from Shotwell PublishingLike a comic book or graphic novel, it’s filled with 30 AMAZING full-color illustrated pages of satire and parody. Also includes 12 crazy activity pages and an amazing dystopian short story! And don’t miss our store with all the awesome stuff you WANT in order to make a cool statement to everyone you know. Find our store RIGHT HERE!

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