Dissident Mama: “Snowflake Buddies” – song of the real resistance”

dissident mama, libertopia, snowflake buddies, book review, leftism, satire, parody, cartoonLibertopia Cartoons is proud to share an amazing review from Dissident Mama, a homeschool parent of 3 children. Her impressive and extremely popular site is filled with intellectual and cleverly written articles that smash Leftism and Statist nonsense. She writes in regards to Libertopia’s Snowflake Buddies that, “As a parent, I see this as an educational book filled with conversation-starters of current events, history, politics, culture, economics, and faith. Help your children start to pull back the veil, question post-Christian ‘authority,’ and get those logical and critical-thinking juices flowing.”

She notes how her eldest and his 10-year-old twin brothers love reciting the short quatrains accompanying each letter of the alphabet. They giggle while narrating the simple but astute rhyming scheme of Mia the Marxist’s “commie blog” and “State-run gulag.”

dissident mama, libertopia, snowflake buddies, book review, leftism, satire, parody, cartoon“Liberman, the brainchild behind Libertopia Cartoons, is a firm believer in the influence visual art holds over people.” Dissident Mama notes. “But to be successful, one must have both the aesthetic and content, he says. In other words, eye-catching graphics and truth, which is precisely why the right (or thin libertarians or traditionalists or conservatives or whatever you want to call non-leftists) typically dominate meme warfare…We should all be ‘thinking about ways we can use art, creativity, and maybe even a little bit of fun to help ‘sell’ our messages,’ Liberman explains in an Abbeville Institute article. And Snowflake Buddies does that in spades.”

“Snowflake Buddies is a bold middle finger to these “men without chests” as C.S. Lewis described the leftists of his day. It’s a brilliant and effective way of saying to the haters, ‘We won’t capitulate to fools. We will not comply. We ain’t skeered. And we drink leftist tears.’”

Read the entirety of this excellent review over at Dissident Mama, and check out her other amazing articles while you’re there!

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